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Choosing Grace Over Guilt | Alix Schaubhut

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As you rise in the morning, we ask you to pause before you jump up and race to your morning rituals. Pause, and hear the sound of your beating heart. Breathe in and out. Honoring your life. It is a very simple reflection, but this was the spark that fueled the development of Grace Pilates + Yoga. It is the founding ideal of our studio.

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The Heart Expands To Hold It All

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10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

We have discussed intermittent fasting over the last couple of months and its benefits for weight loss, disease prevention, reduced stress and inflammation, etc. However, intermittent fasting is not necessary to achieve your health goals. If you are accustomed to eating breakfast in the morning, you can still follow a healthy diet to achieve these goals. Be sure to include a good source of protein, healthy fat, and some fiber.

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Align Me

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The Heart Expands To Hold It All

If you are breathing you have been hurt at some point by something or someone. Maybe it was loss, maybe it was betrayal, maybe it was a dream that was dashed, a sickness that took a toll on your spirit, words that were spoken or unspoken.

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