Yoga Training

Testimonial by Swan School Founder Michelle Baker

New Orleans very first Yoga Teacher Training, called Swan School, circa 2008 a part of Swan River Yoga, is more than delighted to announce the merge of a very precious studio and Faculty with us in a heart felt space in Metairie, Grace Yoga. This Graceful confluence rose from the ashes of a lovely being filled with heart that chose to never give up, during loss, sickness and struggle. Her yoga practice has emerged with diligence and eloquence into what is now a deeply rooted practice within her own being.


Brigitte Martin has never given up nor in. She speaks and teaches from her heart. She has trained closely with me since her very first Swan River Yoga Teacher Training as a devoted Mentor for 5 years. After opening up her own studio and broadening her magnetic demographic, it is with great fulfillment to announce her care in lineage, foundation and authenticity to continue to share the teachings with heart.


Grace Swan School is now the result. This will provide all of the elemental components of a well  tested long standing program, ever refined, while respecting our roots and emerging its modern need. In our 200 hour program at Grace, you will experience the breath and depth of many paths of yoga in all dimensions, from asana, philosophy, mantra, therapy, alignment, natural medicine, chakra system, and specializing in leading private sessions.


Brigitte Martin will be your lead Faculty and other guest Swan Faculty will appear. You will be held and supported in Grace and at Grace Yoga Studio. This training is set up uniquely and in a different time from than any of our others yet the depth and support that you will receive will be the same. Whether you wish to teach or to experience an adult life immersion for your own evolution please consider signing up now for this live changing event.

In Grace we return , with the love and support of rivers merging.


Namaste, Swan Michelle

What to Expect:

  • Once a month weekend seminars
  • Partner practice teaching
  • Weekly homework
  • Observation hours
  • Group classes
  • Assessments
  • Assistant Teaching


47 hours of lecture

40 hours of labs (most labs are included in the weekend seminars, some are separate)

28 hours of homework

21 hours of partner works

48 hours of required classes (3 a week)

8 hours of observation (1 a week)

8 hours of teaching (1 a week)

2021 Training Dates

There’s no training cycle scheduled at this time. If you’re interested, please still inquire and we will contact you when the next cycle is scheduled.

Homework Includes:

Reading assignments
Written assignments
Video recording
Partner work

Recommended Reading:

1. Jivamukti Yoga by Sharon Gannon and David Life
2. Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar
3. Paths to God by Ram Dass
4. Yoga; The Path to Holistic Health by BKS Iyengar

Classes allowed for taking requirements:

Classes allowed for observation requirements:

1. 8-1hr pre-recorded videos
2. Teaching one public community class with a group of your fellow TTs

Teacher Training Tuition

Full Tuition Paid in Full: $3,000 (Must be paid in full)
Full Tuition Payment Plan: $3,500
Non-Refundable Deposit: $600
Payment Plan: $580 (will be auto-drafted once a month)

Classes not included

* 30-Day Cancellation Policy Applies

Apply Now

Fill out the application HERE.

For more information on the teacher training program contact us at 504.345.2481 or email us at info@choosegrace.org