Yin, Story, and Nidra with Tea

3 June


Come and enjoy an expanded, two hour version of our popular Tuesday night Yin and Story with Tea class. During the deep stretch portion of the class, we take out time and explore the pose, allowing the body to lengthen, settle into the pose, and release old stuck energy. During each pose, the instructor will read stories, wisdom articles, and poems from many different disciplines and philosophies – but will also allow time for reflection featuring quiet soft music.

After 90 minutes of deep stretch, the Yoga Nidra portion of the class begins, lasting for twenty minutes. Yoga Nidra means “yogic sleep” and is designed to take you into the deepest state of relaxation, while remaining aware of what is going on around you. Students from our popular Tuesday night class report being able to sleep better, are less stressed out during the week after class, and also have said that they did not feel right after missing one week. Yoga Nidra has been used to help with anxiety, depression, PTSD (Veterans Administration funded a fill study for returning vets), and chronic fatigue syndrome. Yoga Nidra is powerful medicine that has been practiced for centuries eastern cultures, but is just now finding an audience in the United States. During this portion you will be simply lying down, listening to the sound of the teachers voice as they talk you through a relaxing tour of your own body.

Lastly, there will be ten minutes of just relaxing in silence to let the work you’ve done marinate, and sink in.

This class concludes (and begins) with hot service. Take home cups are provided, along with hot water, and an assortment of different teas. You can even sip tea throughout class if you choose.

Come join us for two hour of Grace!

Please sigh up in advance – space is limited.

Cost: $30.00

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