7 June


Pilates is new again.


SpringTone® is an effective resistance workout developed by Pilates guru Alycea Ungaro.

Samantha Datz, Real Pilates instructor, will be leading SpringTone at Grace Pilates + Yoga, June 7-9, 2019.

All comprehensively certified Pilates instructors are invited to train as SpringTone® instructors. Familiarity with Cadillac and Tower exercises, as well as a working knowledge of the history and system of Pilates is necessary for successful completion of the training.

Upon completion of your training, SpringTone® instructors are licensed for one year. The $29/monthly fee is covered by the cost of one client in a single class, making it an extremely cost effective investment in your training career.

Licensees are eligible for a number of benefits and marketing opportunities including:
  • Listing on our Website
  • One year use of the SpringTone® name
  • Access to our closed moderated Facebook community
  • Complimentary annual renewal online


Licensing Payment Options:

$290 one annual payment (Two months free)

$160 two annual payments (One month free – autopay)

$29 twelve monthly payments (Auto-pay schedule)

NOTE: License fees are due prior to the start of training.

Your weekend training package includes:
  • 20 hour Weekend training
  • Full Materials and Manual
  • Test-out
  • Certificate of Completion


Cost: $850.00.

Time: 1 – 7pm each day (Fri, Sat, Sun)

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