Moving from the Core: Activate Your Inner Power Workshop

7 December


A workshop for your core to ignite your inner fire CORE STRENGTH. is the vital force that holds one steady in the yoga and in life. It helps you balance, supports you, and is the point of energy from which each pose extends. Core strength also refers to the spiritual, ethical, and emotional essence of who you really are. In the same way that the physical muscles of your core hold you upright, so too does the more subtle essence support your life. It gives you the strength to act on your innermost values, it gives you confidence, and it puts you in touch with your truth— your purpose. It takes effort and awareness, but yoga practice provides the opportunity to evolve and to build this core strength both physically and spiritually.

Join Brigitte for an in depth flowing Vinyasa class packed full of core work, but touching on all areas of the body and giving you a solid awareness of alignment and breath in each movement and pose. We will be looking at how the abdominal region is the physical core support of the body and simultaneously how yoga can help us strip away and still the fluctuations of the mind to gain a clearer perspective on our true nature that lies beneath — our spiritual core.

We will then go into a 2 hour Vinyasa class honoring your whole self — body, mind and spirit — nourishing your core on all three levels. There will be a brief meditation, targeted core work, flowing asanas, as well as attention to how the core supports each posture throughout the series.

We will finish with a well-deserved Savasana and guided relaxation to honor the wholeness of you.

A strong core is so much more than just strong abs, so come along for a fun challenge and leave feeling more connected, centered, and strong.

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