Your Heart is your Compass Workshop

19 January


Discover the path to a life of purpose, passion and fulfillment through listening to your deepest instincts.

Most of us were raised and educated to use our minds to guide us through life’s questions and uncertainties. We were not taught in school to listen to our intuition, this golden wisdom that is known to many of the world’s most accomplished people.

To find your own way in the world, the only compass you need is the one already inside of you — but it’s not the one between your ears.

Would you like to know how to tune in to your intuition: your inner guide?

Would you like to use your intellectual capacity and your heart simultaneously to get best of both worlds?

Would you like to learn how to listen to your heart truly for the sake of making your life more joyful, purposeful and free?

If the answer is Yes, Brigitte would love to see you for Life Changing transformative Workshop to Make Your Heart Your Compass.

During Workshop you will:

– Practice exercises to connect to the inner guidance system

– Realign to heart lead way of living

– Learn how to discern between little voice in the head and hearts whisper

– Understand more about instincts, gut feelings and intuition

– Experience seeing life’s bigger picture and making important choices for your life

– Open up your Heart to Love

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