Essentials of Yoga Assists with Thomas Sims

24 February


The Essentials of Yoga Assists can have a profound affect on your understanding of yoga asana and your capacity to serve the students in your class. Not every student needs the same assist, and this series will show you how to skillfully address specific needs of carious students. In this special series, Thomas will share philosophy and very detailed techniques for offering assists in poses often seen in open classes.

This series will cover several categories of poses (standing, forward folds, twists, and backbends), and why and how hands-on assists can reveal so much to both teacher and student.

Thomas Q. Sims is well known in the New Orleans area for being skilled at offering hands-on yoga assists. His training includes over 1,000 hours of training.

This series will be held in the sweet and sacred yoga room at Grace Pilates + Yoga. Space is limited. Series available to 12 participants. Pre-registration is highly advised.

Cost: $110.00

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