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I have read a ton of stories like this - a Pilates instructor writing about how their love story with Pilates began in their very first class. "It was love at first sight! I knew I was meant to do this." Well that's not quite how my story goes. I took my first Pilates Mat class as an undergraduate dance major, and hated every minute of it!

I am a perfectionist by nature and the exercises felt impossible to perform perfectly. I left that class thinking that it would be my last Pilates experience. About a year passed and I happened upon an opportunity to take a mat Pilates training for free in exchange for working at the host studio. As soon as training started, I began to understand the reasoning behind each exercise and how each exercise was preparing my body for the next. From there I completed my Mat and Reformer training through a contemporary Pilates program, and began teaching right away! I found that I had a knack for seeing where someone’s body is in space and helping them find better alignment. I really enjoyed introducing clients to movement that felt good to them and helping them understand movement that didn’t come quite as easily.


Since then I’ve made a lot of big changes in my life – met my boyfriend, moved to New Orleans, and truly begun my career in Pilates. The latest big change in my life happened when I realized that there was a woman in New Orleans, teaching Pilates, who was from my tiny little hometown (Normal, IL). It seemed like fate; I knew instantly I had to meet this person! After taking one class with Alix, I knew I’d finally gotten that moment – maybe for me it was “love at second sight” with Pilates!


The classical system just made sense in my body and my brain, and I decided almost immediately to dive into the Real Pilates teacher training program here at Grace. Now that we’re almost halfway through the program, I am still so happy that the world led me here. I can’t wait to see what else I’ll learn and how else I’ll grow through the rest of the program. I know that I and my clients are growing, learning, and getting stronger through Pilates, and that’s my ultimate goal. The Pilates system will test you physically and mentally, but every time you finish a session, you come out physically stronger and with a great sense of accomplishment. Looking forward, I’d like to be able to spread Mr. Pilates’ work, and the great rewards it brings to as many New Orleanians as possible. As Joe said “The mind, when housed within a healthy body, possesses a glorious sense of


Let’s get those good spines rolling New Orleans!


-Tess Losada

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