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Are you a runner? Do you feel like it isn't really exercise if you don’t finish having sweat through your clothes?! Do you love the sense of accomplishment you feel after a run, especially after a long training run? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I know where you are coming from! Running is my bliss. Let me ask you a few other questions:

Do you burn a million calories but wonder why your waist size never goes down (besides the pancakes or donuts you consume afterwards)? Do you love the feeling of the finish, but dread the feeling of your hamstrings or glutes later that day? Does it ever hurt more to sit for an hour than to run for an hour? If you answered yes to any of these question, again, I have felt this!


I am a RUNNER …I LOVE to run, but as I have gotten older (don’t ask how old!), running began to hurt more than it felt good. But what were my options? I never thought anything could give me that same feeling of accomplishment, that same joy and sense of well-being and strength; until Pilates! Not only do I sweat through my workout clothes, I feel strong, I burn calories and best of all, I am not in pain. My piriformis is better, my hamstrings don’t talk to me when I sit longer than 30 minutes, and my waist now matches my legs. I have abdominal strength (powerhouse) that is as strong as my legs and I am HAPPY! And guess what, I am STILL running!


Pilates is alignment-based resistance training that focuses on strengthening the body as a whole. The work stretches my muscles at the same time as it strengthens them. I am running AND doing Pilates. The springs on all the equipment provide gravity to teach the body how to move from abdominals. My best run day are the days that I add Pilates afterwards. That work insures that every run is completed with stretching the muscles I have used and strengthening the muscles that supported my run.


Come workout with us and see what it is all about! See if you can find the mind body connection to leave a puddle of sweat on our mats or our equipment. Your running will improve and you will be stronger than ever! With the help of Pilates, I plan on running for many years to come, won’t you join me? There are so many ways to integrate Pilates into your running schedule. We offer privates sessions geared towards runners as well as group mat and equipment classes to fit all budgets and schedules.


We have mapped out a very popular Old Metairie Route for our neighborhood runners. It ends one block away from Grace Pilates + Yoga. Now offering 10% off single drop in for Pilates mat classes. Run on in and lets see how we can improve your time, breath, stretch, strength, stability and all over recovery time. View running map here!


By Mary Martha Quinn

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