How to Teach a Yoga Private Workshop

6 April

6-9pm; 1-5pm; 1-4pm

Many yoga teachers would like to have more private clients. In fact, if you desire to be a full-time yoga teacher as a career path, having a steady stream of  private clients is critical. Unfortunately, hoe to get private clients, and what to teach them, is rarely covers un yoga teacher trainings – even in “advanced” teacher trainings they do not teach this.


In fact, seeking private yoga clients deliberately, is often seen as somehow “less spiritual” – this is nonsense. Yoga students can learn things in a few one on one sessions that would take YEARS of going to group classes to figure out on their own – if they don’t hurt themselves first. Why are we depriving students of the opportunity to be safe, enjoy their practice, and have confidence in what they are doing?

Did you know that in Pilates, it is normal for students to take private sessions? In fact, many Pilates studios won’t allow students into a group class until they have taken some private lessons. They do this so that students are safe. know their way around the class, and so they don’t take away all of the teachers attention from the rest of the class. Everyone wins. All yoga students would be better off if they took at least three one on one private lessons before they ever walked into a yoga room.

In Pilates teacher training, they teach Pilates students how to handle privates, and how to get them. This is part of their teaching program. Why? Probably because they know that they won’t be able to make a living just teaching group classes, and that it is beneficial for their students. This is something the yoga world has been painfully slow in catching onto.

Imagine if you could add just five privates per week to your teaching business! Just five! Here is how that breaks down:

$70 per private session X 5 – $350 per week = $1,400 per month

That is just ONE private per work day. One!

But lets say you can do just a little better than that and you can get two per day – that is ten sessions per week – now you are at $2,800 per month, and you are only teaching two privates a day, five days out of the seven.

How many private sessions are really good Pilates teachers teaching – six to eight per DAY! Not per week – per day! Now, yoga is not Pilates, and I don’t think teaching more than five per day is truly reasonable, but if you could teach five private sessions, four days per week, that is twenty privates per week which would be $5,600 per month, $67,000 per year before taxes and expenses.

And remember, you are still teaching your group classes, which is where private students come from, and many private students stay for a long time and keep coming back. So you build your base over time, and can actually make a really decent living as a yoga teacher between group classes, private lessons, workshops, and trainings. If – IF – someone ever taught you how to teach a private lesson!

Well now someone is going to. During two weekends, you are going to learn precisely how to get private clients, and how to teach privates. You will receive a precise blueprint of how to lead any student through a series of private classes that will help them:

-Perform yoga poses safely

-Align their body well in yoga classes

-Understand how a yoga class is composed, and how to navigate each section of the class (standing poses, balancing poses, arm balances, hip openers, inversions, forward folds, and back bends)

-Feel confident in their yoga practice no matter where they are

As teacher you will learn how to lead students through a series of privates where you will teach them how to :

-Move safely through sun salutations

-Align their body in standing poses

-How to set their body for balancing poses

-Principles of Forward Folding

-Principles of Back Bending

-Protecting knees, and postural alignment in hip openers

-Arm Balancing practices

-Inversion practices

How does this break down if you are proposing it to a student: anywhere from 8-20 sessions, working on each of these practices until the student feels confident in their abilities, can fell comfortable going to any yoga class, or even practice at home with a teacher online. They will know what they are doing, and so will you.

Please note – these are not therapeutic yoga privates. That is a whole other speciality that takes a different skill set. But you can do SO much for the average student to enhance their yoga asana experience, by helping them learn each of the blueprint functional areas (i.e. principles of back bending).

You will also learn during this course, how to approach students about taking private sessions, how to charge, and how to feel good about the interaction, Most yoga teachers haven’t taken much business training. During this course, you will learn some easy and basic strategies to approach potential private clients with ease, and confidence.

You’ve invested thousands of dollars in learning to teach group classes. But most industry leaders agree that teaching group classes cannot sustain itself as a career path. Having private clients is important if you ever want to become a full time yoga teacher as a career, and now you can learn how.

Space is limited to just eight students to maximize effectiveness, and allow time for questions and discussion time. No drop in’s. Space must be reserved in advance.

Cost: $1,000*

*can reserve your spot now with $500 and $500 within ten days of training start date.

-Remember, with just a handful of privates per week, you will make this investment back in no time.

Note: This course is designed to teach you how to lead private session for students who are not suffering injuries. This is NOT a course designed to teach you how to offer therapeutic privates for rehabbing severe injuries (although many of the dame principles would apply). Yoga therapy is different field of study, and takes over 1,000 contact hours of study, and hands on practice.

The two weekends are April 6-8 and April 13-15

Friday’s 6-9pm

Saturday’s 1-5pm

Sunday’s 1-4pm


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