Yin and Nidra with Tea

Open to all levels.

So many of us lead busy lives, it is only natural that this busyness often carries over into our yoga practices. Yin Yoga is the opposite of busy – it is an opportunity to slow down, and turn your attention inward. In Yin Yoga practice, poses are held for 3-5 minutes each, rather than five short breath counts – providing the practitioner the opportunity to really dive deep into the pose, feel their breath, and get to know their body. It is an opportunity for self-exploration few of us take the luxury to do.

Once students enter a particular pose, the instructor will share stories, yoga philosophies, and poetry from the great masters of many disciplines. It is an opportunity to experience the words of those great teachers who have gone before us, and bask in their wisdom like a second sun, illuminating our lives.

Most of us are very familiar with our own busy-ness, come and experience the luxury of slowing down, and going within. It is only in slowing down, that we can hear our inner voice clearly. 

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